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Building entrepreneurial spirit at university

The development and promotion of entrepreneurial spirit is high up on the wish lists of universities all around the world. University cannot only be the place where students – the entrepreneurs of tomorrow – start taking steps towards their own entrepreneurial goal by achieving the right qualifications and brushing up on helpful skills and vision in general. Also, it can be a place where students are encouraged to think about building their own businesses and discovering their entrepreneurial skills while still being at university.

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Being a postdoc – career driver or career killer?

A postdoc, as the name suggests, is the next stage of an academic career after having obtained a doctoral degree. A postdoctoral position is usually temporary and it enables career development through the acquisition of new skills and experience. Postdocs typically conduct research as part of a group, or under the supervision of a mentor - a senior researcher, often called a postdoctoral advisor. The main reasons people choose a postdoc appointment after a PhD are to further their knowledge in a certain field, publish their work and receive appropriate training either for a position in academia or industry. In theory, being a postdoc can be a prerequisite for a successful career, but there are two sides to every coin. In some cases, spending too much time in academia might not pave the path to occupational success, but in fact, prove to be a career killer.