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Continent: South America

Population: 49,996,445

Area: 1,141,748

GDP: 791.995?billion

ISO code: CO

Universities count: 247

Universities in Colombia

  • Antonio de Arevalo Technological Foundation

  • University of Ibagué

  • Lasallian University Corporation

  • Sergio Arboleda University

  • Technological Institute of Soledad Atlantico

  • CEIPA University Foundation

    More details about the country

    Colombia is a sovereign state situated in the northwestern part of South America. It shares its borders with the countries of Venezuela, Panama, Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador. It also shares borders with the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean through its total of 1800 miles of coastline. It also includes in its territory the San Andrés y Providencia archipelago which is located about 400 miles northwest of the Colombian mainland. The population is largely concentrated in the mountains with Bogotá, the capital, situated on a high plateau in the northern part of the Andes Mountains.

    Colombia is a highly favorable location to study abroad. This is due to the country having nearly 100 institutions of higher education, offering a broad range of subjects. This includes fields of study such as Engineering, Business, Administration, Management, Economics, and Law & Jurisprudence. In addition, the country also offers many opportunities to obtain Ph.D. degrees in fields such as Education and Biomedicine. Apart from these advantages, Colombia is also a country with high living standards yet affordable prices in aspects such as food, housing, and others. As a result, students will be able to balance study and everyday life without worrying about their savings. The country is also a suitable location to learn and/or hone Spanish as it is the official language used in both everyday life as well as government, business, and academic matters. One should bear in mind, however, that tuition fees can be rather costly and the visa application process can take some time.