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Continent: Europe

Population: 67,348,000

Area: 640,679

GDP: 3.081 trillion

ISO code: FR

Universities count: 377

Universities in France

  • Academy of Wood Science and Technology

  • University of the South Toulon-Var

  • Strasbourg Conservatory

  • ENS - Paris

  • ENTPE - Vaulx-en-Velin

  • French Institute for Advanced Mechanics

    More details about the country

    France, officially known as the French Republic or République Française, is an independent country in northwestern Europe. It is a sovereign state considered by many to be one of the most important nations in the Western world both historically and culturally. The county has also played a highly significant role in international affairs due to the many former colonies it has had through the years. France is a sovereign state which is bounded by several major geographic features: the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the Alps and the Pyrenees. Due to its location, the country has a long history of serving as a geographic, economic, and linguistic bridge between northern and southern Europe. It is furthermore one of Europe’s most significant agricultural producers and among the world’s leading industrial powers. The capital of the country is Paris, situated on the banks of the Seine River.

    France has a rather long-standing history of providing higher education and continues to be a popular choice in the present day for many international students. There are several reasons for the country’s high preference when it comes to studying abroad and obtaining an academic degree. As already mentioned, among these causes is the country’s rather long history of providing higher education. For instance, some of Europe’s oldest universities have been founded here with examples including the University of Toulouse (established in 1229). The country has also been the place of study and graduation for many historical figures such as Simone de Beauvoir and Marie Curie. Apart from its long history of serving as a worthwhile study abroad location, the county also has an exhaustive list of currently operating and accredited universities, which offer an extensive variety of subjects. This includes the historically-tied yet still popular Arts, Architecture, Design, Natural Sciences, and Physics as well as Business, Economics, Management, Engineering, Technology, and others. Furthermore, the county is a suitable location to practice French and English as these languages are the ones used during tuition courses and lectures. However, one should bear in mind that tuition fees can vary greatly based on whether the institution is a private or state-funded one. Also, the standards can be challenging to meet after the first year as students will have to maintain high grades to continue their studies. In addition, finding suitable housing can become a hindrance as the number of available areas and buildings is limited yet many individuals compete for them.