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Continent: Africa

Population: 35,740,000

Area: 710,850

GDP: 332.358?billion

ISO code: MA

Universities count: 156

Universities in Morocco

  • Institute of Economics and Social Studies

  • EMAA Business School

  • Knowledge Computer and Business Institute

  • School of Computer Science and Business Management

  • Private Institute of Computer Engineering

  • International University of Rabat

    More details about the country

    Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is a sovereign country in North Africa. It has the countries of Algeria and Western Sahara as its neighbors and has shorelines on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Its terrain is mostly mountainous, but it does include desert swatches and dense river valleys. It is a country with a rich culture and history due to its location between Spain and Algeria. The capital of the country is Rabat, one of its four imperial cities and can be found on the Atlantic coastline at the mount of the Wadi Bou Regre.

    Morocco can be an interesting location to study abroad. This is among other things due to the country’s diverse and exhaustive list of accredited institutions of higher education, its wide selection of available subjects as well as the opportunity to practice a widely spoken foreign language and gain insight into both African and Arabic culture. Morocco has a rather extensive list of universities with proper accreditation and international recognition. This includes institutions of higher education such as Al-Akhawayu University, the Université Abdelmalek Essaadi, and others. As has been previously mentioned, Morocco is a sovereign state where students can study a wide selection of subjects, with popular examples including Management, Engineering, Finance & Banking, Marketing, Computer Science, Communication, and others. In addition, tuition fees and costs of living tend to be less costly compared to countries such as Egypt. However, students should bear in mind that a certain code of dress might be necessary when attending certain institutions of higher education or areas outside of campus.